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Apply to join Holy Loch Sailing Club

The club welcomes new members be they novice or expert and whether boat owner or not. Fill out and submit this online application. Your application will be considered at the next committee meeting and you will be contacted in due course.
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Race Fees
Block Entry Fee will include Opening Regatta, Series 1,2,  & 3, Sunday Series Races and all Club races except Piper & Flying Fifteen  Open Events, & Regatta Entry.

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Other Fees
£25.00 per annum
£60.00 per annum
£70.00 per annum
£70.00 per annum
£130.00 per annum
£25.00 per annum
£35.00 per annum
£45.00 per annum
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Total: £0.00
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Terms & Conditions
No payment is required at this stage, once your application has been approved you will be able to pay by your selected method.

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