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News at Holy Loch Sailing Club

 Return to Boating
Added: 05 Apr 2021
Attached the link from the RYA in Scotland on the return to boating https://www.rya.org.uk/scotland/representation/Pages/Return-to-Boating.aspx As per earlier guidance the dates and the restrictions to be eased are not guaranteed and we await confirmation from the Scottish Government, meantime stay safe.
 Update after AGM
Added: 15 Feb 2021
I am writing to update you on the Virtual AGM, firstly I would like to thank the 50 souls making up 43% of the membership who took part making this the most well “attended” AGM of recent times. Here is a quick update on the key decisions. Duncan will now have a third year in office as a result of the decision to suspend that part of the Constitution that restricts the Commodore to a two-year term. Members voted overwhelmingly to confirm the new regulations and charges for storing Craft in the Carpark, they also agreed to hold the other subscriptions at last year’s prices. All of the Committee and Officers were re-elected with congratulations to Sallie Condy as the new member of the Committee and thanks again to Alex for all his work over the last three years. Following on from the AGM the Committee faces a number of challenges first amongst these will be the organisation of the sailing season in whatever format we are allowed, more to follow on this. Other items include the removal of the abandoned yacht Tae an Awe, the promotion of the new Carpark storage regulations and works to improve the facilities both within and outside the Clubhouse. From an organisational point the Constitution is up for review this year and suggestions on possible changes will be sought from both the Committee and the wider membership. We need to consider how we are going to encourage the 50+ members who did not join last year to join this year. Also, in light of the turnout at the AGM we should investigate how we can maintain the extra numbers when we are allowed to return to face to face meetings. And finally, we have space for two new life members, nominations would be welcome for discussion and for putting to next year’s AGM. Further suggestion or ideas on what we should be looking at as priorities would be welcome. Further suggestion or ideas on what we should be looking at as priorities would be welcome. Scott Secretary Holy Loch Sailing Club
Fees for 2021Fees for 2021
Added: 15 Feb 2021
Race Results 2020Race Results 2020
Added: 13 Sep 2020
 Covid-19 Update
Added: 09 Apr 2020
We had our first virtual meeting on Monday 6th April with some degree of success. The outcome of this is that the Club is still closed and all activities suspended. We have had to cancel the lift in along with the First Series and Opening Regatta along with all social activities. All Cadet actives have also been suspended until June at least. When we get the all clear Bill will be in touch with the racers to discuss how we go forward while Neil will be in touch with the Cadets. The Committee recognise that people may be experiencing financial uncertainties and would ask that. Where possible members should continue to pay their annual subscriptions along with their mooring fees as appropriate. New mooring tags are due this year and these will be issued when it is ok to do so. Racing and Cadet Fees have been suspended at the moment and will apportioned to cover what’s left of the season when we start again. Concerning the storage fees for craft left in the carpark members will now be able to delay payment until September. The Committee has still decide on a course of action for members who have craft that would incur the extra charge as a result of their craft being stored for more than two years. Finally the Committee had discussed early this year changing of the door code as it has been in place for some time now. It is proposed tochange the code and members advised of the new one in due course.
 Message fromthe Commordore on the Restrictions on the Club as a result of COVID19
Added: 22 Mar 2020
Well I have to say, as I took the chair in early February, I didn’t expect to be telling you all in March that the first half of our season is effectively over. Yes, we will sail again, with a fair wind and some Government clearance, hopefully later in the summer. For now, we need to close everything down before it even starts - no crane in, no Opening Regatta and no first series Wednesday evening racing. I hope I am wrong, but the 2nd series may falter as well. Your Committee has continued with the pre-season works, with the race marks prepared and ready to lay, the Ribs have been serviced and our electricity supply for the Clubhouse has been upgraded and ready to use. These are not easy times for anyone, however a Club with no income from the Membership is one that can’t operate. We still have ongoing costs. Our hope is everyone will continue to pay their fees as normal despite the reduced racing programme. The membership, mooring fees, boat and tender storage fees are the lifeblood of the income to the Club. It could well be that we have 3 BBQ’s, Party evening and Polaris Regatta all over the one weekend! These are not times anyone could have predicted and my wish is that we all get sailing in the summer. I also look forward to thanking you all for your support at the best attended Prizegiving Dinner in recent history!! Keep safe Duncan Commodore Holy Loch Sailing Club
 Front Door
Added: 11 Aug 2019
We had to get the front door lock changed today and all the old keys will not work in the new lock. Members will still be able to get access by using the Club’s key in the Key Safe. Please remember to put it back. Thanks
Added: 01 Jul 2019
Over the last two days three engines have been stolen from Boats left in the Club Carpark We have advised the Police who have become involved and the committee will consider if there is anything we can do to improve security. However in the meantime All members are advised to remove their engines from their craft and store them in a safe place.
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