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Boat Parking Terms & Conditions

Application to keep boats and trailers in the car park at HLSC.

Spaces in the parking area are allocated on an annual basis.
Spaces will be allocated on the basis of application forms received by 30th April in each year.
Spaces are only available to current members of the club.
The fees and conditions attached to use of the parking area are set out below.
All members requiring berths should submit this form regardless of whether they were allocated a space in the previous season.
Acceptance of the terms set out below is a condition of the boat and trailer parking arrangements.
All boats and trailers must display in a prominent position the annual parking tag which will be provided by the club upon payment of the appropriate fee.

Power to remove, sell or dispose of boats and/or trailers
In the case of an abandoned or unauthorised boat and/or trailer (as defined below) the Committee may:-
(a) move the boat and/or trailer to any part of the club premises without being liable for any loss or damage to the boat and/or trailer howsoever caused;
(b) upon giving 1 months’ notice require the member or former member to collect the boat and/or trailer;
(c) upon giving three months’ notice in writing by registered post to the member or former member at his/her last known address shown in the register of members sell the boat and/or trailer and deduct any monies due to the Club (whether arrears of subscription or facility fees or dinghy park fees or otherwise);
(d) if the boat and/or trailer is unsaleable (in the reasonable opinion of the Committee), after giving notice in writing as aforesaid, dispose of the boat and/or trailer in any manner the Committee may think fit and deem the cost of doing and any arrears as aforesaid to be a debt owing to the club by the member or former member.

The Committee shall be entitled to treat any of the following as an abandoned or unauthorised boat and/or trailer:
(a) a boat and/or trailer located in the dinghy park and not displaying a current dinghy park sticker;
(b) a boat and/or trailer located otherwise than in its properly allocated space;
(c) a boat and/or trailer that remains in the dinghy park for more than one month after any date advised by the Committee by which boats and/or trailers must be removed to allow for maintenance works of the dinghy park or the end of the season date (where applicable);
(d) a boat and/or trailer which is the property of a member or former member which remains on club premises after any fees payable to the club by any member or former member (whether by way of arrears of subscription or facilities fees, dinghy park fees or otherwise) are more than one month in arrears.
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