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Moorings Terms & Conditions

1. The Association hereby grants to the owner the right to lay a mooring in a position agreed by the Association.

2. The Association will supply the owner with an individual mooring tag provided by The Crown Estate which should be attached to the mooring so that it is visible at all times.

3. This agreement shall come into force on submission of this application or on the date the mooring fee is paid, whichever is the later.

4. The owner agrees to pay by the required time each year the appropriate mooring fee to the Association as agreed at an Association General Meeting.

5. The owner agrees the Association can give The Crown Estate their contact details.

6. The owner agrees to keep their mooring in a safe condition for the size of vessel to be moored.

7. The owner agrees to keep their vessel insured and to indemnify the Association and the office bearers of the Association from time to time, from any claim by any third party who may suffer injury or damage caused by the owner’s vessel whilst moored or in the Association mooring area.

8. The owner agrees not to transfer their mooring to another person without the prior knowledge and consent of the Association.

9. The owner agrees to pay an equal share along with any other member of any costs placed on the individual Officers of the Association, provided these costs have arisen solely in their capacity as the grantees of The Crown Estate agreement.

10. The Association agrees to conduct any negotiations that may be necessary to maintain the authority to lay moorings in its area.

11. The Association agrees not to apply the above rules and clauses in an unreasonable manner.

12. This agreement can only be terminated by the owner by return of the Mooring Tag to the Association or by written agreement with the Association.

13. The owner shall be liable to pay the fee annually until this agreement is terminated regardless of the condition of the owners mooring.

14. This Agreement shall come to an end if the Association agreement with The Crown Estate comes to an end.
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