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Coastal Rowing

The St Ayles Skiff Project

Following consultation with the membership of Holy Loch Sailing Club (SCIO) where over 70% of respondents were in favour, the board has decided to press ahead with the project to build a St Ayles rowing skiff.

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St Ayles Skiff
St Ayles Skiff

The skiff will be purchased as a kit of pre-cut plywood parts. The hull is constructed upside-down over a set of frames and all parts are held together using epoxy based glue. 


In order for this project to happen we need to fulfil the following prerequisites -


1. We need somewhere to build it - We are very fortunate that the Dunoon Community Shed have kindly offered us space for the build. 


2. We need someone to lead the build - Again we are fortunate in that we have Ali Marshall has volunteered. Ali is a carpenter by trade, and is keen to lead the actual building.


3. We need a team of builders - From talking to others that have built skiffs, it is recommended that the team for for building the hull is kept to three or four committed people, as there is only so much that can be done at any one time. It has also been recommended that a separate team builds the oars whilst the hull is being built so that we do not end up with a finished hull that we can’t row! 


4. We need to fund the skiff - it is estimated that the cost of building the skiff will be around £8,500. The plan is to raise the money through grants, community funding and possibly club fund raising events and not to draw on the club reserves. A sub committee headed by Marion Bowen has been set up to work on the funding. 


Further information on the St Ayles Skiff  can be found at - and


If you are still reading then you may be keen to get involved, either with the build or with the funding. If so, then pleas drop a message to

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