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Paying Subscriptions and Fees

  • As all members will be aware the subscriptions and fees were approved at the recent AGM and the website has now been updated with the new season’s charges.

  • Subscriptions and fees are due on 1 Apr but can be paid from now.

  • Anyone racing must ensure their subscriptions and fees are paid before they are able to take part.

  • We are once again using Webcollect to host our membership.

  • If you have questions or difficulties please contact the following:

Step One - know what you need

  • Make sure you know the correct membership category that you will apply for / renew and other aspects you will be using, eg cadet training, storage, moorings. 

  • This should be easier than last year since the system will present you with the option to renew what you purchased last time. However asking for the wrong things was overwhelming the biggest hassle last year!

Step Two - log in 

  • Go to our Website and click on the renew button

  • This will take you to the Webcollect log in screen

  • If you have forgotten the password you used last year, there is an option to ask for a reset.

  • If you do not know the email address you used, please email to ask Sallie and she can tell you

Fees webcollect log in.png

Step Three - find what you want

  • For most members you should see under My Subscriptions the correct subscriptions and fees you require. 

  • Click on Manage / Renew My Subscriptions

  •  You can then either Renew All if everything is correct or select the appropriate items to Renew or Buy a Different Subscription if you are missing anything.

  • There is a new category for storage of tenders etc so please add this if relevant

  • Note that you can View or Edit your details if anything has changed such as a boat name

  • Webcollect only uses ‘subscriptions’ but you will find our fees in here too

  • If you cannot find what you want, contact stating what it is you require and do not!

Fees selecting subs.png

Step Four - payment

  • You will see that items are added to your basket (top right-hand side). Once you have everything you require in your basket, Checkout

  • You are given the option to review details a number of times – select Proceed

  • Finally you will be asked for payment (as last year):

  • The preferred payment method is bank transfer, since it is easier to administer and does not incur fees.  If you are able to use this to make payment, we would appreciate it. Webcollect gives you a code and then you need to use your own banking system to make the payment, quoting this reference.

  • Paypal is also there as before.

  • For those that need assistance with Webcollect and payment by cash or card machine, Sallie will be in the club house on Crane In day (22 Apr) and on Wed 26 Apr and Thu 27 Apr in the evenings.  Andrew will also be available most Wednesdays after racing has finished to take payments. (Note racers must have paid all fees BEFORE being able to race)


Many thanks for renewing your membership subscription and fees

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