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Racing has always been strong at Holy Loch Sailing Club SCIO.  There is regular "Wednesday Night" racing for all classes throughout the season.  These are augmented with a number of weekend and day race events which all culminate in the now (in)famous Polaris Regatta which closes the season in September.

The Annual Polaris Regatta is the major sailing and social event in the club calendar and sees boats large and small from across the Clyde sailing grounds meeting for one last blast before boats are taken out and stored for the winter.  If you haven't experienced it yet then be sure to watch out for details and enter early.

white sails.jpg

White Sails

The catch all class, no spinnakers allowed.  Whilst many of the yachts at the club are used for cruising a number also participate in the regular racing.  At present there are: J-boats, Achilles, Sonatas and more.  If you know a little and are enthusiastic and reliable, many of these boats have crewing opportunities available.


Ask a child to draw you a sailing boat and they will draw something like a Piper.  There is typically a crew of 3 or 4.  With many built at Robertson's Yard on the Holy Loch it is no surprise that these boats are popular here.  Don't be fooled, the men and women that race these are fiercely competitive and sometimes less than gentlemanly.

battling fifteens.jpg

Flying Fifteens

Designed by the legendary Uffa Fox, the flying fifteens have a crew of two and are fast and fun.  They are divided into 3 subclasses:  Classics - the oldest boats and the most common here at HLSC; Silvers, the old but not so old ones, and; Moderns for the new ones.  In order to keep the racing even based on equipment and the finishing places down to skill, most people here choose to sail the Classic boats.  If you're thinking of joining this fleet one of these can be picked up for less than £1,000


Often the fastest and most furious.  The fleet of dinghies ranges from Rockets to  ISOs.  A great way to get out on the water and race.  These boats are typically dry sailed (lauched and recovered by the slipway every time they are used).  Some are single handed and others are crewed by two.  If you have a dinghy, why not come and join us?

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