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HLSC Mooring Patch 

Holy Loch Sailing Club is fortunate to have an area allocated for club members' moorings.   You can see these from in front of the club house all the way round to Lazaretto Point.

The Club Secretary manages the admin for the moorings and liaises with the Crown Estates every year to coordinate tags and fees.  It is not easy to keep track of 50+ moorings so we ask for everyone's cooperation.

Looking for a Mooring?

  • Please contact the Club Secretary ( to discuss the availability  of a mooring or space to lay one.

  • You should note that moorings are privately owned by club members, who are individually responsible for paying the annual fee to the Crown Estates (via the HLSC Club Secretary)

  • Owners are also responsible for the routine maintenance of their mooring as required by the Crown Estates agreement. 

  • The Club Secretary will be able to advise if they are aware of any moorings currently up for sale.  It will then be for the owner and potential purchaser to discuss / make arrangements and notify the Club Secretary if ownership changes. The new owner must apply and be accepted as a club member before they can own a mooring in the club patch.

  • An alternative is to pay to have a mooring laid. The Secretary can advise on the space available for this and again you must be a club member before this can happen. 

  • Cunningham Moorings and Fabrication (Telephone Neil at: 07775 781890) is a Business Member of the club and provides a discount to HLSC members. 

  • It is entirely up to the owner who they choose to lay a mooring for them and they are responsible for all associated costs. 

Current Owner Making Changes? 

  • Please notify the Club Secretary ( you are planning to make changes with your mooring, so that all admin can be complete and avoid unnecessary fees for you, eg if you are lifting or selling your mooring.  

  • It is most important that you provide the contact details of any potential purchaser of a mooring.

  • If you no longer need your mooring, you can obviously sell it or have it lifted.  This is the responsibility of the owner.

  • Care should be taken with your tag to ensure it is displayed on your mooring and keep a note of your tag number.  A new batch of tags will be issued in the 2025 season.

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