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We're getting ready for the season

It was a busy night for the committee / board on Monday evening as we prepare for the season.  A few key updates:

·        We are now fully a SCIO!  The club assets have all been transferred and the committee confirmed that the unincorporated association is therefore no longer needed and is closed

·        Members are asked to pay their subscription and fees so that we are all prepared for the season.  No one can take part in any club activities unless they have paid their subscriptions and fees. You can do so here. Thanks to the large numbers who have already done so.

·        A Pre-season Work Party is planned for Sat 20 Apr from 11AM at the club. The big job is gravel spreading in the car park (bring shovels and barrows), but also in door jobs in the club house.  All club members most welcome to lend a hand. Just come along.

·        There is a revised set of sailing instructions with an additional paragraph (19) at the end.

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