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Racing begins for the new season at The Holy Loch Sailing Club

Wednesday evening race 1st May

Ten boats participated in the first race of the new season. During the race the wind built with gusts of 18 knots from the east, which blew away a few cobwebs after the winter layup!


The Pipers began this season in the same vein that they finished the last one, all four competitors crossing the start line in short order, with Sanderling gaining brownie points for a daring port start to take an early lead. The boisterous conditions, however, favoured the stronger crews on this occasion and Fergus Campbell, Stuart Brown and Ali Gordon powered their way to the front and held a small but significant advantage at the windward mark off Strone in Tom Piper. They increased this lead as the breeze piped up even more to record a moral boosting victory in this first race of the season to state their intentions to the opposition.

Flying Fifteens

Only two of the regular FF15’s made it to the start. FF15 4013 revelled in the strong breeze and FF15 2844 tried out his new jib.

White Sail

Again only 2 boats, The J30 Judicious had the advantage upwind by being able to reef his sails but the Sonata Moonlight managed to hold on upwind and the boat had his advantage downwind.


This fleet was represented by the RS400 The Great Gonzo, ably crewed by his daughter who was led to believe there was not to be much wind!


Pipers: 1st Tom Piper 4, 2nd Sanderling 11, 3rd Stay Puff 46, DNF Tass3

Flying 15: 1st More Mischieff 4013, 2nd Efficacious 2844

White sail: 1st Sonata 8804N – Moonlight, 2nd J30 4253 – Judicious

Dinghies: 1st RS400 1073 - The Great Gonzo

Saturday Opening Regatta 4th May

 As so often happens in the Holy Loch, sailing conditions for the Opening Regatta on Saturday bore no resemblance at all to those of the first race last Wednesday. There was very little wind.





Only one Piper was able to drift round the shortened course to clinch the first silverware of the season. The ever present crew of of Staypuff, Robert Towart, Caroline Clark and Charmaine Russell managed to keep their faithful yacht pointing in the right direction in the flat calm conditions at the start to be rewarded later on with a light breeze later on to win the Holy Loch Cup for their patience and determination.


Flying Fifteens

FF15 More Mischieff 4013 opened up a big lead early in the race, but FF15 Efficacious 2844 caught up significantly in the final leg as the breeze filled in.


White Sail

Four boats started the race, but the conditions were not to their liking as they all had difficulty to cross the start line. They all got going once the breeze filled in with J30 4253 Judicious winning on the water and once the handicaps were applied.



The RS400 1073 The Great Gonzo, sped off the line leaving everyone else behind. Again, as the wind filled in he was caught up by Laser 18 and B14 683 Killer B. Although The Great Gonzo won on the water once the handicaps were applied Laser 18 was declared the winner.


Pipers: 1st Stay Puff 46

Flying Fifteen : 1st More Mischieff 4013, 2nd Efficacious 2844

White Sail: 1st J30 4253 Judicious, 2nd Sonata 8804N Monnlight , 3rd Nemo Eygthene 24 1706

Dinghies: 1st Laser 18, 2nd RS400 1073 The Great Gonzo, 3rd B14 683 The KillerB


After the racing everyone retired to the clubhouse and enjoyed a delicious afternoon cream tea.

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